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How website design affects user experience?

Web Design
Importance of user experience in web design

There are so many types it’s hard to say. Most people consider web design to be aesthetically important. However, web design is more than that. Expert web designers look at different elements when creating a web page. They believe in enhancing the end-user experience and providing them with an interesting web page. Visual elements, as well as presentation of content, are important factors that play a key role in protecting visitors to a particular page. In addition, the responsibility and functionality of the site is important.

website user experience best practices

Some of the most influential elements of web design described below are influencing the user experience.

In this Article from Trickland blog we gonna speak about web design affect on user experience. So if you are interested in this object, read it completely.

Organized presentation

Perfect design gives a visually appealing and professional look to website visitors, customers and prospective buyers. This is important because it offers your website as a legitimate company or service provider in a particular industry. In addition, the unique web design helps make your website stand out from the crowd. This is the first thing a user sees when a page is down.

If the company hires professional web designer services, the guest will immediately notice. This fact alone can create a sense of security, as users find out that your company is a good organization and they can get the best services from you.

It immediately grabs the attention of the audience

The first few seconds of a visit to a web page are important. This is the time when the user decides to stay on the page or move to another one. Good and eye-catching layouts and visuals allow visitors to stick to the website. After that, the visitor can show interest in your services or products.

Because there is so much information on the web, users want to get up-to-date and accurate information. To do this, they try to limit their search to a web page to make a decision about what you are looking for. So it’s important to engage your audience right away with amazing web design and interesting visuals. Key Ingredients to Maintain Visitors:

  1. Create a visual interest by typing the appropriate typography

  2. A perfect blend of color and page layout is also needed

  3. Bright and beautiful banners can convey your message in the right way

  4. Add things like this to attract your audience

  5. Interesting animations can attract the attention of the guest

You can also use interesting design elements such as shapes, decorations, icons, textures, colors, and give your site a beautiful look.

Importance of UX designs

Increase functionality

In addition to providing a clean presentation, perfect web design can add more functionality to a website. An important factor to keep in mind is site responsibility. A good web design gives the site the look it needs and saves it on different screens. Seasonal designers ensure that a particular website is allowed using a desktop or smartphone. This simplifies the user experience by offering a simple layout to process.

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Builds trust and emotional connection

Consistent and unified design elements that provide an open visual presentation can help to win the trust of the user. A sense of trust grows and the audience begins to think of you as a trustworthy company.

good web design builds confidence in the user experience

Professional designers deliberately use vibrant colors, shapes and branding materials (logos) to connect your brand with the website through emotional pleasure and symbolic design.

Proper distribution of content

It is not a good idea to provide all user information at once. This eliminates the feeling of curiosity on your page. In addition, it is difficult to master readable content or information without interruption. This means that the visitor leaves the site without having to open the next page.

A well-designed website includes the necessary breaks in a lot of content. In addition, it helps maintain the visibility of the web page. Information needs to be mastered easily, and the necessary information needs to be covered.

These are the relevant design elements:

  1. It’s easy to read the main text of your website

  2. Use illustrations and make the necessary divisions within the content

  3. Try using icons, influential quotes or infographics

  4. Look for a visual hierarchy by placing your beginnings in the desired size, font, and color.Side-by-side use for the purpose of generalizing or covering important information

  5. Using white space in the right way

Human face and web design

The human face plays an important role in your web design strategy. Emotional responses related to the human face are more effective than other ingredients in web design. Adding a human face while enhancing the user experience shows that you use the emotional side of the visitors. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with the user for a long time.

Like this beautiful face of a girl, the human face creates a better consumer experience and builds confidence.

In addition, people prefer visuals, especially faces. Seeing faces on a web page, people immediately associate themselves with such an image. Therefore, it is not difficult for a web designer to influence the reactions of users of this factor and their general experience.

Why the human face is so important in influencing the user experience?

It doesn’t matter what the content is on the web page, the visitor will instinctively be drawn to the visuals of the human face before they start reading the text. This fact is confirmed by the “Eye Examination”.

Research shows that the page gives users the first impression of a website and ultimately influences the user experience. Experienced web designers use human faces as the best tool to enhance the user experience. Why do you need a human face to improve the user experience?

Faces develop trust and connection

When it comes to winning the trust of your users, there is nothing that can give you better results in terms of the human face. Designers can create a sense of confidence in consumers with an emotional connection.

Confidence: The “About Us” page is available on almost every site. Likewise, most of these pages feature pictures or drawings of CEOs, team members, and other people involved in the business. This strategy helps to build a trusting relationship with the user. It is important to have this confidence in areas such as medicine, education, and childcare. It takes no more than 50 milliseconds for a user to view a particular website. Therefore, this can help the user to gain confidence in a short period of time.


In this article from Trickland agency we talked about web design affects on user experience. What is your opinion about this article? Share it with us. And at the end we hope that you enjoy this article:)

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