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Web Design & Development

Leave your special and up-to-date Website design to Trickland website design agency.

Our branding agency has one of the best web design teams and portfolios around the world! We make your brand special by using the most up-to-date methods and designs.

cryptoexir portfolio

Crypto Exir

Crypto Exir is a company that provides digital currency signals to people for free and VIP.
Website design

A max clean group

A-max clean group is a company for End of lease cleaning and Cleaning services in Adelaide, Australia.

How We Can Help You?!

We can design a modern and responsive website for you with a professional and experienced team in the field of dedicated website design by examining your business and your competitors to distinguish you from the others and shine!

responsive web design services
Business Analysis

Complete review of your business and competitors and provide complete advice.

best ui ux design for website and app
UI/UX Design

Interface design and user experience (UI/UX) are suitable for your business.

best web development company
Customer Approval

Provide the final design to the customer and make the required edits to the customer.

best website design 2020
Website Development

Website development and project completion and start of support period.

E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce website design and development. The custom design of the WordPress online shop website with the best facilities to start and increase sales through the website.



Business / Corporate Website Design

Have the most unique corporate website with us and shine among your competitors.
Custom design and development of the corporate website.



Medical and Dental website Design

Experience the best dental and medical site design with our branding agency. The designs are fully responsive on all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops of different sizes.



hotel reservation website design

Reservation Website Design

Custom web design for hotels with the ability to book for the convenience of users and people who want to book a place.
In addition to hotels, all companies that need to queue can use this service.



university website design

Educational Website Design

Today, online education is much more than ever, having a good educational website is essential for any school or college.
We have a custom website for you to easily connect with your students.



News & Directory Website Design

The world is moving towards being online and there are few people who fall behind this path and use newspapers.
Update your business by having a News & Directory Website.



minimalist personal website

Personal Branding Website Design

Create a personal website and shine in your position. Easily deploy your services and skills there, and those who are looking for experts in your field can see you or you can earn money.



Multipurpose wordpress Website Design

Multipurpose Website Design

Put all your different services on one website! By having a multi-purpose website, you can offer all your services to the customer on one website and earn money.



What is website design and development?

Website design and development is the path that a business or individual takes to have a site, of course with the help of a designer and developer And as it turns out, it consists of two parts that we want to examine in full:

1- Web Design

To have a successful and efficient website, the user interface and user experience (UI / UX) must be strictly considered in its design, and the designer must be proficient in all these areas!

What is the User interface?

User interface design(Ui design) is the appearance of the website, which should be designed so that the user can communicate with the website with the least effort and thought.

What is the User experience?

User experience (UX) should understand the needs of the user well, consider the capabilities and limitations of different people, and according to the values ​​and goals of the business, make the website at its best and highest quality. Be able to increase the interaction between the user and the website services in the most correct way possible.

Click to order UI UX services and see the portfolio

2- Web Development

Website development is the process of implementing UI UX and turning it into an efficient site so that the employer can easily earn money from it and introduce their services.

Of course, to see the website in Google results, you need an SEO expert, and we also provide this service.

Types of website development:

1- Custom CMS

To develop a website this way, you need to do this with one or more developers.
The site can be developed with different programming languages ​​and must be programmed from zero to one hundred.

2- WordPress

Apart from custom cms, there are a number of other cms that do not require zero to one hundred programmings.
One of the best content management systems is WordPress.

Website design with WordPress is of 2 types:

1- Exclusive design for each business

In custom design, which is what we do, the site is developed by programming using HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and bootstrap code.
In the beginning, UI UX is completely designed by a UI UX designer for you and after the final approval of the employer, it is handed over to the development team.

2- Using the ready template

In this plan, no special design is done and one of the website demos is installed for you and your content is replaced and the colours of the site are changed.
This plan is not recommended for people who are trying to grow their business and brand.

Types of websites:

1- Store website:

This type of site is for people who have products and want to sell and earn money through the website.

2- Website to introduce a company or person:

This type should be used to introduce the services of a person or company.
It is not possible to sell or book on this website!

3- News website:

This type is used for informing and posting news.

4- Medical website

In addition to the facilities for introducing doctors and the place of activity, there is also the possibility of online appointments and registering patients’ opinions on the site.

5- Educational website

This type is useful for training academies or people who want to put training courses on the website and sell them.

6- Reservation website

If you have a hotel or you organize different tours, this website will help you to do all your work and coordination online and regularly, and people can book their desired tours.