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When does my website need to be redesigned? 💡

Web Design

One of the most frequently asked questions from Trickland is, “How often do I need to redesign my website?” While it may be simple to give a one-size-fits-all rule like “every four years,” the reality is it’s more complicated than that. Let’s look at the criteria for deciding when to redesign your site.

The right time to redesign the website :

1- When Your Company Rebrands

You’ll need to redesign your site if your company is going to rebrand. Because your old website is a failed project, you should try to use another strategy for your website.

One of the strategies you should change is your design strategy.

2- Your Design Has Been Dated

If your site looks old or doesn’t follow current design guidelines, people may think that all the services you provide may also be outdated if you’re not keeping up with the times with your website.

Redesigning your site to look fresh and adhere to current design guidelines will help your business look up-to-date. Try to use new design trend like isomorphism, etc.

3- Your site Doesn’t Meet Modern Technology Requirements

If your site has lagged behind technology requirements, it’s time to redesign it. When smartphones and tablets became popular a few years ago, and more people used them for web browsing, websites had to be redesigned to be mobile-friendly. Sites that weren’t resigned were more challenging to use on a mobile device, and customers began to appreciate the minority of mobile-friendly sites to annoy the minority of non-mobile-friendly sites.

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Change framework

For example, many of our clients wanted to switch to WordPress to access specific plugins or have better SEO tools to make it easier to edit their sites or add functionality to their sites. In these cases, we rebuilt these sites in WordPress.

Sometimes the client wants their WordPress site to look similar to their current location, and sometimes they get the opportunity to redesign their site visually.

WordPress Website Redesign

Evolution Not Revolution

Many businesses do a major, expensive redesign every 3 to 5 years. They let the site go stale after the redesign, and their dissatisfaction (and their visitors’ dissatisfaction) escalates to the point of being willing to do another significant, expensive redesign.

This ensures that your site will always serve your prospects and customers and your business well, not just for several months after every significant redesign.

It also spreads and levels your investments in your website, which is easier on your cash flow and more accessible to budget.

High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate viewable in Google Analytics is the percentage of visitors who only visited a single page on your website during their session. Bounce rates vary but average 40 to 55 percent, meaning 40 to 55 out of every 100 website visitors visit only a single page during their session.

What is a high bounce rate?

A high bounce rate usually indicates a bad user experience. If a visitor does not have a positive experience navigating and using your website, they may leave without visiting another page, resulting in an increased bounce rate of your site.

Your Basic Web Data FailsAfter the redesign, 88% of URLs were “Good.” We also offer Google Key Web Data optimization services, which can be performed from time to time without site redesign.

Not Working Properly on Mobile Devices

Statistics show that three-fifths of all internet users who visit a website do so from a mobile device. However, if your website is not working correctly on mobile devices, these users may leave the site.

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical visitor to your website and try to find a particular type of content by clicking on navigation links. If you can’t find content easily with a few clicks of your mouse or tapping your mobile device, update your site by improving navigation.

Dead Links

Dead links, also known as broken links, harm a website’s user experience. They look like ordinary links, but as both names suggest, they do not send visitors to the requested page when clicked. Instead, dead links send visitors to a 404 error page, which often causes them to leave the site.

The good news is that you don’t have to manually click on every link on your website to see if they’re working. Enter your website URL on broken linkcheck.com, and it will reveal if it contains dead links. If you discover dead links, remove them or replace them with the correct target URL.

Giving your website a complete look with a brand new design is time-consuming, but creating a unique identity for your business is essential. As visitors come across your website, they will subconsciously see brand elements associated with your business.

What are dead links

Uses an Ineffective CTA

Your website should have a call-to-action (CTA) that tells visitors the next step they need to take to engage with your business, and you should monitor the performance of this CTA to determine if it needs to be adjusted.

(CTR), this reflects how well your CTA can grab visitors’ attention and compel them to click on the linked text or image.

It allows you to create a more robust and more compelling online presence for your business.

Too Much Technical Troubleshooting

A big problem arises when you take the time to troubleshoot and serve as technical support rather than providing better customer support. Suppose you’re spending more time fixing technical aspects than optimizing your site. In that case, it’s time to start researching new hosting options, content management systems, shopping cart programs, or even your site’s entire framework and navigation, having to constantly look through error messages and domain emails asking why a certain feature of your site isn’t working as intuitively as it should be exhausting. Also, suppose scalability wasn’t a priority when you first designed your site. In that case, you may have trouble figuring out ways and places to put important product and company information in the future. If your site isn’t capable of growing with content and pages, then most likely, your profits and sales don’t have a decent chance to grow either.


If your site looks stale, we’ll be happy to rate it and let you know what we recommend. If your site has been recently redesigned and you want your place to stay fresh and work well for leads and customers, we can help you create a plan based on your business goals.

In this article from Trickland tech company 🙂

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